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Grocery Shopping & More

While other services have fancy computer and smart-phone apps you have to deal with, WE provide a personal touch.  We want a relationship with our clients.  We will sit with you and help make out your grocery list.  Want to have a recurring order, we can handle that too!  We make it easy to keep your pantry stocked with our personal inventory services.

We are NOT aligned with ANY Store or Marketplace!

Have favorite products? Want only organic? We can accommodate you!  Vegan only? Yep, we are experts with providing Plant Based (Vegan) items for your refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  NO GMO, yep we do that too!  We use the latest technology to scan/examine nutritional content of products to better advise you on the best nutrition for You and your family.

Want a special spice or seasoning?  We know the Orlando area well and frequent Asian and ethnic stores.  Want a special recipe or help with cooking a new dish? Our Chef Nancy can help advise you.

We are Food Experts and can help with just about anything you can imagine!

Your Shopping List

You create your shopping list. We can help or just pick up your list. Yes, you can text or email to us; we aren't in the stone age!  We also work with a grocery list/sharing app you can use if you prefer.

We typically will shop your grocery list at the nearest store of your preference.
We Do the Shopping

We do the shopping for you.  This saves you time better spent with your family or working; your choice!

If items are not available in the first store, we will call/text to advise you.  Since most grocery items are often perishable, we may make a second trip to find the item of your choice or just add it to the next shopping list.
Deliver to Your Home or Office
We deliver to you at your home or office.

Not only will we deliver, we can also help you put your items away, in the fridge, pantry or freezer.

We can also help maintain your pantry, fridge or freezer with staple items.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and 'How It Works' pages.

While our services are initially focused on grocery shopping, we can also accommodate special requests for other items of your choosing.  Need some school supplies for your kids?  How about some wine or spirits for that special occasion?  You are in the drivers seat!

We use insulated bags for items from the cold case and 'freezer bags' for any/all frozen items.  In most cased, reusable bags will be used for transporting purchases and these remain the property of Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.

We also work with other speciality items that can be shipped directly to your home/office.  Just ask!

We are NOT aligned with ANY Store or Marketplace!

Places We Currently Shop For You
(For Membership Clubs, We Maintain a Membership)
Want something from a store not on our list?  
Just Ask!

For those stores outside the immediate Hunters Creek area,
Plan on additional hourly fees to be incurred.

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