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Personal Shopper FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)
We are NOT aligned with ANY Store or Marketplace!

Q: Are you a real company or an independent contractor?
A: Good question. Our parent company is a registered Florida based corporation, founded in 1998, Florida Document Number: P98000039236 and can be viewed on the State of Florida web site.  Our operating company, Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living is a registered Florida entity Number: G10000099694.

Q:  What do you charge?
A: Pretty simple really.  We charge a simple flat rate of $20 plus a handling fee of 10% of the total order, based on the total receipt provided.  For trips taking over an hour, we charge a simple $20.00 per hour in 15 minute increments (rounded UP). Most local shopping trips can be completed within the first hour unless the order is very large or unanticipated congestion becomes a problem. That's it, no expense charges for mileage or gas.  Just Service with a smile!

Q: How Do I Pay for the Services and Products?
A: All services and products are to paid on a cash on delivery basis for most orders.  For very large orders, expected to exceed $100.00, advanced cash payment or a customer credit card can be used.

Q: Can I Choose a Store Outside of Hunters Creek for my items?
A: We can shop at any store you select (within reason) but additional time charges will be incurred for stores outside the immediate Hunters Creek area.

Q: Do You Accept Credit Cards?
A: We will accept personal checks drawn on a local bank with a 5% handling fee. For credit card payments, an additional 7% will be charged to cover the credit card service fee.  Out of town checks will not be accepted.

Q: Do you have a smart phone app like some other services do?
A: We believe in a more 'open' source business approach.  We don't restrict you to any single store or service.  We DO plan to offer a sharable 'grocery shopping' application in the near future.  Our featured app also works on your home computer/workstation or tablet.  The bonus features makes most sales at local stores available for you to add to your shopping list that we will use when shopping.  This makes saving money easy!

Q: Can I Use Coupons?
A: Sure you can.  We will present your coupons at check out time at the store register.  Any coupons not accepted or not used will be returned to you.  In addition, we will endeavor to take advantage of in-store promotions and discounts when available.

Q: What Hours and Days are Services Availible?
A: Our shopping services are typically affable from 9am to 7pm EST.  With 24 hour advanced notice, other delivery times may be arranged.

Q: Can I return items purchased?
A: Return items depend on the policies of the store(s) from which the items were purchased.  Our standard hourly rates apply and the handling fee will be 10% of the returned item amount.  Monies will be returned in the same manner as the store refund is given.  Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, frozen items are NOT RETURNABLE.

Q: Can you deliver outside of the Hunters Creek area?
A: We concentrate our services in the Hunters Creek Florida area but, when time permits may accept delivery requests outside of this area.  Additional time and mileage fees may be applied.

Q: Do you offer other services?
A: Yes.  As a business subsidiary of Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, we offer lifestyle and other Whole Food Lifestyle services.  Please just ask our service representative.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: We are a new business, and have no current openings.  However, as we grow, we hope to add additional service personnel to our cadre of expert shoppers!

Q: What other locations do you support?
A: We support all of Hunters Creek (South of Orlando) Florida at this time.  We hope to expand in Central Florida and beyond if this venture is well accepted.