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No Time to Shop?

How It Works

We try to answer many questions in our FAQ but this is a more detailed explanation about how we work with You to solve your shopping issues.

  Initial Visit and Consultation - Free

We want to treat you as a neighbor.  After all, We have lived right here in Hunters Creek for over 25 years; one of the firsties!  We ARE neighbors!

For your first introductory visit, we want to sit with you and determine your shopping needs.  This usually takes about 30 minutes.  We will ask some questions like the following:

  • How often would you like for us to shop for you?
  • Would you like us to maintain a recurring shopping list?
  • Would you like us to keep your pantry stocked, taking inventory and replenishing your larder?
  • Are there special dietary requirements, like allergies or other health issues that would impact the product selections?
  • Would you like to use a smart phone app to share and maintain your shopping list?
  • Do you have preferences for organic foods?  
  • Do you wish to avoid GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods and products?
  • Are you vegan or vegetarian?

This first consultation is a service we provide as part of our ongoing customer service profile.  There is no charge for this and it provides an opportunity for you to get to know your personal shopper and to ask questions.  We want to establish a long term relationship with you and your family as we provide shopping services.

  Shopping List and Store Selection

When you need something from the store, you can just pick up the phone and call us.  We can take your list over the phone, you can email us (preferred), text the list or we can just pick it up before we head to the store.  If we pick up the list at your home, our time charges begin at that point; otherwise we charge for the time spent shopping.  We can usually accommodate your request quickly but if we are very busy, we will notify you of our estimated time for delivery.

We tend to do our own shopping in groups.  We typically do a monthly run to Costco for big items to save money.  We buy by the case items such as toilet paper, paper towels, soy milk and larger sized packages of staples.  For weekly shopping, we often frequent BJ's, again to save money but they have a great selection of fresh produce, much of it organic.

We have found the new, Fresh Market a lovely place to shop for great fresh vegetables, fruit and meats.  Target has recently been stocking a really great array of fresh fruit; some organics as well! Publix is a great place to pick up quick items or if you like their stores, we can get most common items there.  It is really up to you where you prefer we shop.

If you make specific requests that require multiple stores to be visited, our hourly fee will be incurred for multiple trips and driving time between.  If frozen items are on the list, we may drop them off before the next store is visited to ensure they stay frozen!  We use 'freezer' bags for all frozen foods and cooler bags for milk, juices, beer or other items from the cold case.

Based on your food, menu and dietary preferences, we may suggest certain stores for some items based on our experience.  Otherwise, you are the boss and we will shop where you direct.  Remember, stores outside the confines of Hunters Creek Florida will incur additional driving time charges.

  Time and Charges

We charge a simple flat rate of $20 plus a handling fee of 10% of the total order, based on the total receipt provided.  For trips taking over an hour, we charge a simple $20.00 per hour in 15 minute increments (rounded UP). Most local shopping trips can be completed within the first hour unless the order is very large or unanticipated congestion becomes a problem. That's it, no expense charges for mileage or gas.  Just Service with a smile!

It takes time to shop, find the items in the store and go though the checkout line.  We shop for YOU so you don't have to do this, but it does take Time.  As a neighbor, you are close so there is little time involved getting to the local stores (those more distant, like Whole Foods Market or Costco will take additional time).  We know these stores well as we shop them ALL the time.  We know the staff and isle layouts (until they change them again!).

Most standard grocery runs take about an hour so will not incur additional hourly charges.  For a very large order, like a resupply run to Costco, it will be more time consuming as well as typically more expensive.  Each shopping trip we make will start at the standard $20.00 and overages over an hour will be billed at 15 minute intervals ($5.00) rounded UP to the nearest 15 minute increment.

All services and products are to paid on a cash on delivery basis for ALL orders.  We will cover the first $100 per trip but for estimated shopping runs that may exceed $100, we will expect prepayment or a deposit in advance to cover the cost.  There are many ways we can work with you to figure this out and that will be covered in our initial consultation.  All  charges and payments required will be rounded UP to the nearest dollar.

We prefer cash payments, it's just easier, but we will accept personal checks drawn on a local bank and credit cards.  For credit card payments, an additional 7% will be charged to cover the credit card service fee.  Personal checks will incur an additional 5% handling fee. Out of town checks will not be accepted.

Fees over and above the standard hourly rate are based on the Total of store receipt. That means if you use coupons, you save money on the product as well as our fee.  Good thing to keep in mind!